A New Podcast!

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Today is an exciting day! A couple of friends and I have created a podcast that we think you’ll love. It’s called “The Thinklings Podcast”. We plan to create weekly episodes during the fall and spring semester. Topics will range all over the map. We will talk about the books we are reading, Bible passages we have been studying, and ideas that challenge our thinking.

Let me tell you a little about the way it came about (or you could just head to https://thinklingspodcast.com/ and check out the pilot episode). About three years ago I and my two friends began to meet regularly to drink coffee to encourage one another to read good books. We found that our meetings ended up looking like a wandering conversation. But those conversations were very helpful for each of us. There is just something about having an unscripted conversation with good friends. We loved that we were being strengthened in our minds. Soon we noticed that these conversations could be interesting to others who want to sharpen their minds and hear about books. So this seemed like the perfect recipe for a podcast.

But you are probably asking what the name “Thinklings” means? Well, to answer that question you’ll just have to check out the first episode where we tell that story.

Here is the Apple Podcast link. I  hope you enjoy it!


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