Christian Contentment in Ministry

Workshop – Resources

This week we are having the refresh conference on our campus. Below are resources from a workshop on the topic of Ministry Contentment. I have included the hand out as a PDF for any attendees that would like a digital copy. I also have other resources I mentioned in the workshop.

I hope this can be a help to you!

Workshop Handouts and Notes

Podcast Series on Contentment

Here are the links to podcast series on contentment:

1.     Ep. 44 – Topic: Defining Contentment

2.     Ep. 47 – Title: “Pursing Contentment”

3.     Ep. 51 – Topic: Boredom and Diversion

4.     Ep. 56 – Title: “Discontentment: A Vice and a Virtue?”

5.     Ep. 60 – Title: “What does Contentment Look Like?”



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