My name is Andy. This is my own blog. I set this up as a place to learn about thinking and writing. In 2012 I completed a degree which required a thesis as the final project. While it was the most difficult task I had experienced, I enjoyed the results of having had to read and think for so long on one idea. I plan to continue my education in the future and believe that more writing will only help me on that journey. After all, as my theology professor said,

“Writing is thinking.”

I teach at the best Bible College in the country. I enjoy coffee, and teeter on the brink of taking it a little too seriously (is that actually possible?). I like church history and theology.  I have an interest in Philosophy. I really enjoy Apologetics.

I cheer for the Iowa Hawkeyes, though I married a Michigan Wolverine. Aside from football season we have a wonderful marriage. We have two wonderful kids, who will no doubt interrupt consistent posting to this site.

Though my job might imply this already, I am a Christian. I believe that the Bible is more than just an old book, and that it actually is divine revelation from the Creator. I believe that unless you are rightly related to Jesus, you have no hope in eternal life.

Because of this belief in Jesus and in the Bible, I view everything though this perspective. This is, in my view, the only perspective from which one can think clearly about life.


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