Catalogue of Tributes to Dr. Myron Houghton


Monday is the day of Myron Houghton’s funeral. Because of Covid-19 seating restrictions, it will also be lived-streamed here. While we grieve his absence, we do not grieve in hopelessness. He knew the Savior, the Lord of Lords. On Monday, we remember his life and ministry to us. But on Monday, as his is at this very moment, he will be in the presence the Lord Whom he loved and served.

Many have written fitting tributes to the theological giant. Perhaps this list can help you to see some you may have missed. I have tried to collect as many as I can. I am sure I have missed a few. In that case, please know it was simply out of ignorance.

Ecclesiastes 7:2 has been a bedrock truth that I have learned to set my mind on in times like these. May the truth of this verse and this list of tributes edify you and glorify the Lord.

It is better to go to the house of mourning
than to go to the house of feasting,
for this is the end of all mankind,
and the living will lay it to heart.”
Ecclesiastes 7:2

Catalogue of Tributes to
Dr. Myron Houghton

Dr. Kevin Bauder was Dr. Myron’s student. He has penned a fitting tribute here.

At the time of Dr. Myron’s retirement, Pastor Lance Augsburger penned a summary of his ministry here. Lance was a student of Dr. Myron and spent many dinners with him discussing life and ministry.

Kevin Mungons knew Myron as well and was also his student. He too has written a piece that summarizes well Myron’s impact. You can find it here.

My alma mater, and the best Bible College in the country in my *un*biased opinion, has written a piece honoring his life here.

SharperIron, a site devoted to many associated with our movement, has weighed in on Myron’s life here.

I was also Dr. Myron’s student. I have offered my humble attempt at a tribute here.

And finally, many former students have shared memories of some of Dr. Myron’s best jokes and puns at this post here. It seems an apt way to complete this list. At the time of publishing this blog entry, the post has garnered more than 140 comments. A testimony to the impact of Dr. Myron.




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